Maryland Women’s Heritage Center Relocates

Dear Friends of the Maryland Women’s Heritage Center,

As you may be aware, the Maryland Women’s Heritage Center (MWHC) has vacated its physical location of seven years at 39 W. Lexington Street in Baltimore. This was necessary to enable Southern Management Corporation to build additional amenities for its residents. The Center has been extremely fortunate to call this lovely space home for so long, without the cost of either rent or utilities. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. David Hillman, Chairman and CEO of Southern Management Corporation, for his generosity and for believing in MWHC’s mission. MWHC officially was notified in early February 2017 that it must find a new home by the end of June 2017. We immediately established a transition team to identify a viable option for relocation. Initially, we thought we had found a home at a local university; however, this opportunity ultimately did not materialize. Following that setback, the transition team began negotiations with a site that is part of the Baltimore Heritage Area. Unfortunately, this option was withdrawn on July 28th.

Given our situation, Jill Moss Greenberg, MWHC Executive Director Emeritus, made an impassioned request to David Hillman. Once again, he generously provided free storage space in another Southern Management property as a short-term solution. The Center moved out of its former home on August 11th. Thanks to Mr. Hillman, we have stored many boxes, displays, and large exhibits in another Baltimore location  until we can find a new home. Many volunteers helped with the sorting, packing and securing other resources necessary to make the move happen. On behalf of MWHC, thank you to this group of committed people for an outstanding team effort, though thank you does not adequately convey our gratitude. Currently,

MWHC is working with several Baltimore partners to identify a new location as soon as possible. Candidly, timing and resources have been, and continue to be a significant challenge. That said, the Center raised funds to help with moving expenses through a GoFundMe campaign in addition to soliciting donations from various other sources. Thank you to all who supported these fundraising efforts. Of course, we must continue to raise funds not only to sustain vital programming, but also to strengthen our financial position. This makes us a more attractive partner in our search for a new home. To ensure MWHC’s visibility during this transition period, the Center is co-sponsoring programs at various locations in the coming months. Additionally, we are working to update the Center’s website to expand our virtual presence.

Importantly, MWHC is a new member of the Maryland Commission on the Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Center’s addition to this important commission enhances our profile in Maryland. MWHC can use your help in many ways. If you have suggestions for site locations, potential funders and other resources that will help us sustain our mission, please contact the Center’s Executive Director, Diana Bailey, at

During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever for the Maryland Women’s Heritage Center to remain a vital voice for Maryland women – past, present and future. You have been very generous over the years. Yet, we must continue to ask for your support in every way, especially financially. Please consider a gift today. You may CLICK HERE to donate. Since our inception, your support has made a difference and most certainly will continue to do so. MWHC looks forward to welcoming you to our new home soon. Please add your voice and suggestions to our efforts.

Frances Hughes Glendening, President
Diana M. Bailey Executive Director – 443-996-1788

Please send all correspondence to: Maryland Women’s Heritage Center P.O.Box 719 Brooklandville, MD 21022