Dorothy Bloom Pollack (1913-1989) was the mainstay of our family and extended family, keeping our connections, traditions, and cultural heritage alive. Her parents came to America in the early 1900’s, escaping anti-Semitism in Russia. Much later, as an adult, Dorothy volunteered to work with Jewish immigrant children.

Her passion for international folk and ballroom dancing was infectious and she was a gifted dance teacher and avid supporter of local musical theater. A role model for always being open to new interests, Dorothy took her first piano and painting lessons when she was in her 70s. As a prolific knitter, she created items not for herself, but for others and shared her many hand-made gifts from the heart.

Dorothy’s unconditional love for her family and friends touched and supported all who were a part of her life. “May her memory be a blessing.”

Submitted by: Linda Pollack Shevitz