Leslie Palmer will be forty years old in September 2010. She is creative, bright, energetic, kind, spiritual, persistant, funny, and gracious. The characteristic that makes her an “Unsung Hero”, however, is her patience.

For about ten years, Leslie has had multiple sclerosis. She uses a walker on the best days and needs to convert it to a wheelchair to be pushed on the “not-the-best” days. There are two sets of steps to scale just to get into her house. Some days, those legs just don’t want to work, but she never gives up; even when it takes us forty-five minutes to get her in the house. When she needs assistance, she is always extremely polite and treats the one helping with respect and charm.

Her life hasn’t turned out the way she planned. Leslie used to fly all over the country and world for her job. She can only feel that same exhilaration while driving the motorized scooter when we go shopping at Target. This is the one time she can feel independent. The rest of the time, she is patient.

Submitted by Linda Linzey