Marie Bandiere is an inspiration and mentor to other women and was a trailblazer for professional women. In 1966, Ms. Bandiere was appointed the first woman Assistant Secretary of the Commercial Credit Company. Ms. Bandiere began her career with a subsidiary of the Commercial Credit Company in 1944.

This appointment as the first woman officer of the company was heavily publicized at the time, because as the modest Ms. Bandiere pointed out it was unusual for a woman to be in that position. “I am particularly pleased to be able to make this announcement, since Ms. Bandiere is the first woman to become an officer of Commercial Credit Co. We have hundreds of women in our employ, and without their loyal, conscientious and effective help, our company never would have reached its present stature,” said the then Chairman of the Board, Berthold Muecke, Jr.

The greatest challenge Ms. Bandiere experienced was having to be “thick-skinned when it was in my nature to be sensitive.” “The company thought I had more ability than I had confidence,” she said.

In retirement, Ms. Bandiere has volunteered countless hours for various organizations and agencies. Her favorite part of volunteering is “the people. I like to be around people and they become sort of like family.” Ms. Bandiere is truly a pioneer for career women everywhere.

Submitted by: Linda Shevitz