Sr. Katherine Nueslein passed October 14, 2010. She was a pioneer Sister of Mercy from Savannah, GA who came to Baltimore in the late 1970s. Her tireless efforts to change S.W. Baltimore City and the lives of the poor, diabled, and addicted had an incredible impact on so many lives. Her work to help the impoverished people of El Salvador took her mission to help the poor to an international level. She was a total inclusionist; never discounting the value of any human being she encountered. She founded St. Peter’s Adult Learning Center for intellectually disabled adults, Southwest Visions; a non profit housing organization in SW Baltimore; co founded The Hezekiah Movement to support people recovering from addiction and had her hands in so many other projects to help the poor. She, indeed, took the reputation of the Sisters of Mercy as “The Walking Nuns” as her personal mission as she worked in Baltimore City. The influence she had on lives ranged from the poorest to the well educated and the wealthy. She was truly a woman of great heart, mission, and change.

Submitted by: Nancy Van Horn