Banner ad that says "Unfinished Business: The ERA as of 2022; thee is an ERA round green logo(August 2, 2022) Women have been working for decades now to achieve passage of the ERA, which states says that men and women shall have equal rights throughout the United States and every place subject to its jurisdiction.

To celebrate Women’s Equality Day 2022, MWHC is holding an online forum. It will feature AJ Conroy from the national ERA coalition who will share up-to-date information about the ERA’s status and highlight some of the Maryland men and women who have worked for its passage. We will also have Maryland advocates on hand who will talk about specific actions that we should take to encourage passage.

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To really bring our message home, we will feature pre-recorded messages from woman across the generations about the importance of the ERA to their lives and to the lives of their children, grandchildren and other family and friends.

Let’s come together to publicly show that the ERA is an important right for everyone!

What do we need to do? Who do we contact? Join us to learn the facts and how to rally for support of this long-awaited step for women’s rights. More details about presenters and how to access event will be added as they develop.

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