The Maryland Women’s Heritage Center recognizes, documents and celebrates the contributions of Maryland women, past and present, to our social, political and economic order. By doing so, we champion opportunities and equality for women and girls.

About Us

The Maryland Women’s Heritage Center’s staff, Board of Directors and volunteers from around the state “Add HERStory to history to tell OURstory.”

We do this with a combination of exhibits, events and online features that pay tribute to Maryland women’s contributions in education, politics, science, community activism, the arts, the military, business and other areas. We stress inclusivity and proactively seek untold stories. We strive to be role models to our population of young women by embracing and supporting their world experiences. 

After operating in a virtual environment since 2017, MWHC moved into the historic Marian House/Woman’s Industrial Exchange (WIE) in December 2020 at the invitation of Marian House. Founded in 1880, WIE helped craftswomen discreetly earn a living and operated there in various forms until June 2020. Both the landlord, Marian House, and MWHC serve women and now carry the WIE’s spirit into the future.

We are proud to be part Baltimore’s historic Mt. Vernon neighborhood and of our presence in the Baltimore National Heritage Area. We are a member of the Greater Baltimore History Alliance. At this time, our exhibit space is open by appointment or for special events. Contact the executive director at mwhcdiana@gmail.com.  

The leadership of the Maryland Women’s Heritage Center is comprised of Maryland business, civic, educational and political leaders who serve on the Center’s Executive Board and Board of Directors. Our leaders come from throughout the state and region and include those from women’s organizations, local commissions for women and various organizations for women and girls. Many of these are listed as partner and supporting organizations. Local historical sites and networks also provide ongoing guidance and support.

MWHC is an outgrowth of the Maryland Women’s History Project that began in 1980 as a collaborative venture between the Maryland Commission for Women and the Maryland State Department of Education’s Equity Assurance and Compliance Office.

Our Pledge

In recent years, many have turned a critical eye toward how stories of local and national history are told. The Maryland Women’s Heritage Center embraces the rich diversity upon which our country was built. We pledge to seek out, listen and preserve everyone’s story.