The Maryland Women’s Heritage Center thanks the following
people, companies, corporations, and organizations for their outstanding generosity,
support, and believing in our mission by becoming



Founding Mothers

Diana M. Bailey
Karen Barbour
Nathan Beil
Germaine Bolds-Lefridge
Elizabeth Bobo
Lynne Brick
Yolanda Bruno
Elizabeth (Betty) Buck
Shoshana S. Cardin (Dec.)
Beverly B. Carter
Mary Cleave
Eastern H.S. Class ’61
Rita R. Colwell
Patricia E. Cornish
Janet Wert Crampton
Linda Gail Cromwell
Beatrice Dane
Maria Johnson Darby
Linda Dean Fihelly
Jennie Forehand
Kathleen O’Ferrall Friedman
Catherine Gira
Frances Hughes Glendening
Joanne Goldsmith
Karen H. Gonzalez
Sally Grant
Jill Moss Greenberg

Loretto Gubernatis
Artis G. Hampshire-Cowan
Ellen M. Heller
Susan Horst
Sherrie L. Krauser
Bernadette Lewis
Maryland Commission for Women
Jill Mahoney
Linda Mahoney (Dec.) 
Carol Nash
David H. Nevins
Jo-Ann Orlinsky
Claire L. Parkinson
Carol S. Pearson
Bonnie Lamdin Phipps
Jayne Plank
Brenda Brown Rever
Debra H. Risher
Deborah Rivkin
Rita Robinson (Dec.)
Sandra Lucile Roeder
Frederica K. Saxon
Audrey Scott
Susan Shaffer
Linda Shevitz
Carole Sibel (Dec.)
Karen Steele
Kate Campbell Stevenson

Josie Thompson
Rhonda J. Tomlinson
Carmen Delgado Votaw (Dec.)
Sue Fryer Ward (Dec.)
Anne T. Welsh
Kathy Wilmot
Marlene B. Young
Pamela P. Young
Margaret Zierdt

Founding Mothers of the Maryland Women’s Heritage Center have made a financial gift of $1,000 or more to the Center.
They are the foundation of our mission to preserve and celebrate the stories of Maryland women.