Women’s Suffrage Project

A caravan of over 60 decorated automobiles, carrying suffragists and 85,000 signatures on suffrage petitions gathered from citizens of all 48 States, assembled in Hyattsville, Maryland on July 31, 1913.

Maryland Day women picketing the White House for suffrage in 1917. Library of Congress image.

Lucy Branham in Occoquan Prison dress during the Prison Special tour
National Woman’s Party records, Library of Congress

Mary Gertrude Fendall of Maryland (left) and Mary Dubrow of New Jersey (right).
Library of Congress, https://www.loc.gov/item/mnwp000364/

Maryland suffragists often traveled around the state to spread their message. They often faced extreme weather, bad roads and taunts from anti-suffragists.

The Valiant Women of Maryland

For sure, there were famous suffragists whose names have endured: Susan B. Anthony. Alice Paul. Frederick Douglass. Rightfully, they are honored in several national historic sites, such as the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House. Their courage is never forgotten.

However, Maryland had its own suffragists. These women and men picketed at the White House, traveled in horse-drawn wagons and cars to champion the cause, met at tiny Quaker meeting houses in Montgomery County, took their message around the Eastern Shore and descended at national suffrage conventions that took place in Baltimore.

Many of their names had faded into history.

To honor them on the occasion of the 19th Amendment centennial, MWHC, with the help of several women’s history experts, embarked on a comprehensive research project to identify and preserve the stories of these suffragists. We assembled close to 100 names and preserved their stories if available.

In addition, MWHC, supported by volunteer women’s history experts and funding from the Pomeroy Foundation, recognized Maryland suffragists with the installation of permanent historical markers around the state. These markers put Maryland’s valiant women on the map since they became part of the National Votes for Women Trail.

Meet Maryland’s Valiant Women

Maryland’s most notable suffragists now unforgotten, thanks to historical markers around the state

Maryland’s Historic Suffrage Markers

West Baltimore
Baltimore at MWHC
Havre de Grace
Mountain Lake Park
Sandy Spring
Goucher College
Ellicott City

Ballot & Beyond is a podcast series that explores the lives of Maryland’s suffragists, many of whom had been forgotten. It is a collaboration between the Maryland Women’s Heritage Center and Preservation Maryland with support from Gallagher Evelius & Jones.