(May 2, 2024) Annie Simcoe, a Garrett County-based paper artist and the MWHC’s current featured artist, celebrates farmHERS with one-of-a-kind paper art made from materials she grows or gathers. We welcome everyone to an artist reception for her on June 22, 2024, from 11:00 – 1:00 p.m. at 333 N. Charles Street in Baltimore. The collection is also now on display in the MWHC window for all passers-by to enjoy.

Annie began making paper in 2003 while studying Geology at West Virginia University. For several years she worked as both geologist and artist collecting inspiration and paper-making materials from the Appalachian landscape of northern West Virginia and Maryland.  She has been a full-time paper artist since 2009.

Drawing inspiration from life in the Allegheny Mountains, life events, and her travels, she then uses these papers for “quilted collages,” which are layers of paper “drawn” on with needle and thread. 

This collection of art is a tribute to women farmers. Each features a farmHER whose farm is within 20 miles of her home.  Annie’s close friend and mentor in all things plants, Kathy Evans of Evan’s Knob Farm in West Virginia plays a huge part in the fabric of the paper creations: “Kathy is part of each of my artworks as the papers are made from heirloom Bloody Butcher corn grown on her farm.” 

Her respect and love for rural life and the women who work the land is evident. “As with every woman-run farm I know, each of these works is diverse, creative, innovative, and implements the most progressive techniques to show the many challenges of farming,” says Annie. 

A image of a red tractor plowing a field. It is a handmade quilt art.
Annie Simcoe standing outside MWHC window. Her artwork is on display