Estelle Hall Young


Young was an African American suffragist who was born in Georgia and educated at Spelman College.  She taught school in Atlanta before moving to Baltimore, where she married Dr. Howard E. Young, owner of Baltimore’s first African American-owned pharmacy. 

Estelle Young was president of Baltimore’s Progressive Women’s Suffrage Club, also known as the Colored Women’s Suffrage Club. She was, in addition, a member of the DuBois Circle and the Maryland Federation of Christian Women, which endorsed woman suffrage.  Once the 19th Amendment was ratified, she urged black women to register and vote:  “We women are especially bitter against the type of white politicians who said that we would not know a ballot if we saw one coming up the street. We must register in order to vote, and we must vote in order to rebuke these politicians.” 

A long-time anti-racist activist, Estelle Young was given an Award of Honor by the Maryland Branch of the NAACP in the 1930s.  The award recognized her “meritorious service in the cause of obtaining justice and full citizenship rights.” She is buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery.


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