Peek in our front window at 333 N. Charles Street for a mini-art show

We celebrate today’s female Maryland artists by inviting them to exhibit their work in our display window that faces 333 N. Charles Street. Pedestrians and motorists will see regularly changing shows that contain work of women who create in sculpture, acrylics, oils, fiber, photos and more.

We hold free receptions, open to all, to welcome each artist. 

Want to exhibit? There is no charge and we welcome a chance to spotlight Maryland’s women artists from every background and area of the state. Our location on N. Charles Street is on a busy thoroughfare in a historic neighborhood. It offers a unique way to showcase womens’ contribution to the arts. 

Download a copy of MWHC Artist Guidelines and send inquiries to Executive Director Diana M. Bailey at [email protected] or call 443-996-1788.

Please click on photo gallery to enlarge photos and read captions.